The Social media marketing is all about using the social media platforms to connect with your audience to build the brand, sale hike and drive website traffic. This is all about publishing a great content on the social media platforms, listening and engaging the followers, analyzing the outcomes and running advertisements on the social media.
This all started from the publishing of the content. Businesses share their content on such social media platforms for generating traffic to their websites and hopefully generate the sales. Nowadays, businesses use social media in various different manners. For instance, a  business is very much keen to know about the brand’s functioning and social media conversations and provide apt response to the same. A business needs to keep a check over its reach, engagement and sales on the social media with the help of social media analytical skills. For
reaching on the top the highly- targeted social media ads needs to be done.

The basis of social media marketing are specified below:
1. Strategy: Before bumping directly on the social media, initially you need to plan the working. How can social media contribute in  attaining the business goals? So the simple answer to this question is by increasing the brand awareness and driving the traffic towards the website. Social media contributes in spreading the awareness, create a community and serve as a consumer support channel. The major social media platform includes Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Amongst all the platforms a wise decision needs to be made regarding the selection and posting the content accordingly for attracting the audience.

2. Planning and Publishing: The social media marketing for the small business gets into the form by being constantly active on the  social media. Approximately three billion people use social media. The brand needs to grab the opportunity in the wisest manner for getting the future leads for the business. The publishing of the content is as easy as maintaining your Facebook profile. But what needs to be planned is the content that has to publish on the platform for the maximum reach and make it look interesting in every possible manner. The matter can be any form such as pictures, videos, blogs or consumer review recordings.

3. Listening and Involvement: As your business and social media following grow, conversations about your brand will also increase. People will comment on your social media posts, tag you in their social media posts, or message you directly. People might even talk about your brand on social media without letting you know. So you will want to monitor social media conversations about your brand. If it’s a positive comment, you get a chance to surprise and delight them. Otherwise, you can offer support and correct a situation before it gets worse.

4. Analytics and Reporting: Along with the procedure of publishing the content, we need to keep a proper check over the engagement of the audience towards the website. We need to analyze that social media marketing is either turning out to be fruitful for the business or not? The social media platforms itself provides a basic level of information and for an in-depth analyzes we can use Buffer analyze.

5. Advertising: When you have more funds to grow your social media marketing, an area that you can consider is social media advertising. Social media ads allow you to reach a wider audience than those who are following you. Social media advertising platforms are so powerful nowadays that you can specify exactly who to display your ads to. You can create target audiences based on their demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.

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